About us

"Our prime aim at Lincoln International, is to identify the most exciting fashion brands which are lessor known to most"

Through direct importation, as well as providing assistance to international brands, we will market their products through wholesale and retail, in the United Arab Emirates.

Grant Parnell
Owner/Managing Director

History & Principles

Lincoln International formed its business in the United Arab Emirates in 2019.

Its owner, Grant Parnell, has worked in the region for over 15 years, having been in senior retail management positions for prominent fashion businesses.

Our aim is to assist new international brands (not yet in the Middle East) to enter the UAE retail arena, and to expose their brands to the exciting environments of Dubai, and other Middle East markets.



We aim to identify and assist exciting small and medium retail international brands, to enter into the vibrant United Arab Emirates retail landscape.



We will provide guidance and assistance to exciting international fashion brands, in identifying locations, logistical issues, and other forms of support.


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